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Three generations of the Van der Weijden family have developed a company that is now recognised as one of the leaders in the Dutch ornamental flower and plant sector. But you can’t do this without the people! All the staff who take care of our beautiful and sustainable product every day, whilst going about their work.

Around 3,500,000 plants are produced every year on our production sites in Kudelstaart (100,000 m²), due to optimum growing conditions and an efficient and employee-friendly use of the available space. Computerised systems ensure that the plants are delivered fast and effectively, but even so, one of our experienced employees stands at the end of each line in order to check whether each plant leaving the company meets our quality requirements. GreenBalanZ thereby creates an optimum balance between advanced systems and pure people power. All of this ultimately ensures a high-quality and affordable Phalaenopsis.

As a company that spans back over sixty years, GreenBalanZ feels a commitment to help start-ups – and not just at local level, but also and in precisely those countries where they could do with a helping hand – which is why GreenBalanZ is the company ambassador for Oxfam Novib. Through this organisation, we help start-ups in Africa by giving them microcredit, which is often the only way in which these people are going to receive start-up capital.
This way of helping is completely in keeping with the spirit of GreenBalanZ. If you are willing to work hard and commit to something, you deserve a chance to build a future – which is something that we like to contribute to.


GreenBalanZ raises the bar high for itself when it comes to the quality and sustainability of the product and the production process. We therefore like to allow independent organisations to test this.

Since the beginning of 2014, GreenBalanZ has officially been allowed to call itself SKAL certified and therefore organic, which is unique for the ornamental flower and plant industry, because organic is a legally protected term and may only be used if the product meets statutory requirements. The EU determines the regulations and Skal monitors the organic chain as a whole. GreenBalanZ is the only organic grower of flowering indoor plants in the Netherlands.

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The range is divided into two parts: Pure bio and Pure green. We use the name Pure bio for our organic range, in which we only use organic pesticides and fertilisers. Pure green is used for our regular range; 99% of which is grown organically anyway.