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Pure Orchids (en)

GreenBalanZ offers a highly unusual and extensive Phalaenopis assortment.

Obviously our Pure DesignZ collection, our crown jewels figuratively speaking, captivates people’s imagination the most. Our Pure DesignZ Phalaenopsis orchid’s spectacular colours and bloom definition distinguish it clearly from the normal assortment. In addition to straight-stemmed plants, the Pure DesignZ lines also includes curved-stem plants and plants trained in a waterfall cascade.

The standard colours are included in the Pure ColorZ assortment. In a nutshell, this category can be described as “dependable good quality”. The fact that basic colours are involved is no reason to compromise quality. Our Pure DesignZ products also comply with the highest standards and offer decorative value in their elegant simplicity.

A good wine needs no bush and a Phalaenopsis orchid from GreenBalanZ is a magnificent product in its own right. For those who want to accentuate the plant’s elegance even further, we offer BalanZ in Concept, a range of packaging options and presentation aids. GreenBalanZ can help to optimise product presentation and offers support in many forms, ranging from ceramic pots to complete shelf plans. Customisation is what makes BalanZ in Concept unique in the market.