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Greenhouse, but no greenhouse gas

A Phalaenopsis is so durable that it will give the consumer years of pleasure. Once the flowers have faded, it can be pruned back easily to encourage new blossom. In addition, once in bloom, the plant is resistant to disease and pests and takes pride of place as an almost everlasting gem on the windowsill.

GreenBalanZ switched completely to environmentally friendly cultivation of orchids in2007. A clever system of heat exchangers, heat pumps and fans controlled by the most modern computers make ultra-efficient energy utilisation possible. This system saves 100,000 m³of gas annually; equivalent to the consumption of approximately 700 households. It also reduces CO² emissions by 55%.

Furthermore, optimising the cultivation climate and investing in prevention have reduced our use of pesticides to virtually zero. As a result, GreenBalanZ produces plants in an honest, safe and sustainable manner.

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