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The name GreenBalanZ is synonymous for our company’s green nature. We have been very advanced – and pioneering – in the field of sustainability since way back, so we have the right to refer to ourselves as leaders in this field. Our entire range is grown in an extremely green manner.
Ambition and commitment meant that in 2014, we were able to launch the first completely organic Phalaenopsis orchids onto the market, which was pioneering for the Dutch ornamental flower and plant sector and high-profile for the international ornamental flower and plant and organic market.


Sustainability is not a trend! It is a major responsibility that is down to all of us. As a consumer – but definitely also as a manufacturer – we need to reduce our ecological footprint. CO2 emissions account for as much as half of this footprint. It is no coincidence that we were one of the first companies to have the ‘greenhouse without gas’, as also proven by our commitment. We also like to be pioneering, which is why we are leaders in the field of sustainability. The MPS Group’s rating of our overall production process even exceeds their standardisation!

The Ecological Footprint
footprintprovides an insight into the quantity of land (global hectares) required every year for the production and waste processing of what we consume. We currently consume 1.5 x the earth! Source:


Sustainability is not an umbrella concept for us either! At GreenBalanZ, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make our production process even greener – without compromising the quality of our product, of course! It has taken five years to find the correct organic growing method, which is a considerable investment, but it has also yielded a great deal of ‘green’ knowledge of growing. We now use virtually all of the growing techniques from our organic nursery at locations where our green range is grown too. At the moment, ten percent of what we produce is organic and therefore Skal certified. The other ninety percent is green, or 100% green!

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