We supply 95% of our range under the name ‘Pure green’. During the growing process, we prefer to use only organic fertilisers and natural crop protectors.

We add high-profile species to our green range on a regular basis. The ‘Pure green’ range currently consists of over 150 varieties, divided into four product groups:


as the name suggests, this group is distinctive due to the colour and/or subtle design. We therefore prefer to supply this range based on its colour or variety.


has recently been added to the range. This group of orchids is distinctive due to the shape of the flower bed. The nickname ‘butterfly orchid’ is no longer appropriate. The size and shape of the lip makes this group of orchids suitable for….



makes up the largest part of our range. The design of the petal, the colour combination or the shape make each of them ‘designer objects’ that are usually available exclusively from GreenBalanZ..


finally, our most popular products have been turned into other types of shapes such as CascadeZ, CircleZ, SpiderZ or TwisterZ. We recently added the amusing and cheerful CascadeZ ShortieZ to this list.

Duurzaamheid slaat de klok bij Plantion

Duurzaamheid slaat de klok bij Plantion

Bloemenveiling Plantion in Ede speelt actief in op de groeiende vraag van hun kopers naar duurzame producten. Sinds kort worden de duurzame partijen er op de klok extra uitgelicht. Ook wij voeren regelmatig onze Pure bio. en Pure green. Phalaenopsis bij Plantion aan....

Zaterdag- en vakantiekrachten gezocht

Zaterdag- en vakantiekrachten gezocht

Voor de zaterdagen en vakanties zijn wij op zoek naar scholieren die graag wat bij willen verdienen. Ben jij 16 jaar of ouder, enthousiast en flexibel en vind je het ook nog eens leuk om met planten bezig te zijn, neem dan contact op met Jan van der Meij via...

Route 66

Route 66

Is there anyone who has not heard of this famous highway that takes travellers through the Midwest of the USA – from Chicago to Los Angeles, across the deserts and flatlands of America? With its reddish-brown colour, this variety makes us think of wastelands and...

CascadeZ Lemon Pie

CascadeZ Lemon Pie

The name Lemon Pie actually says enough already. This variety is lemon in colour! It has beautiful large flowers that really appeal to the imagination, and it is not just us who are infatuated with it; our customers are too! It is flying out the door!


When we saw this lovely-looking variety, the name Innocent was soon born. But despite its short length, this variety produces plenty of buds and side branches! A guaranteed winner!


Jinx was originally a person or object that wasn't very lucky, but we don't believe in that, because this variety is beautiful! With its large flowers with pink flecks and stripes, it's a real cracker.

CascadeZ Diversity

As the name suggests, not a single plant of this variety is the same. With its beautiful flowers, you are sure to find something unique!

CascadeZ Wild Peach

Wild peaches are wonderfully refreshing, just like this cascade. It is just that little bit different to the other cascade colours in our range and lives up to its name!