He’s back – the warm yellow DesignZ with his dark red spots! Be charmed by the warm look and unusual markings.

Total Cool

Large-flowering, subtly yellow with red flecks, this variety is totally ‘cool’. Its ‘personality’ shines up at you – and will immediately draw attention on the shop floor!


Today’s Europeans learned the technique of tattooing from the Polynesians and American Indians. In Tahitian, the word tattau means ‘to mark’. Just like a tattoo leaves an indelible mark on the body, this Phalaenopsis also boasts striking markings on its...

Nightfall of Love

A beautiful flower with a structure that exudes romanticism at sunset.


We are of course proud of our DesignZ range, but the ColorZ range also contains unique species – and DeeDee is one such species that we have discovered. A beautiful deep orange that gives you a wonderfully warm sensation!

Good Times

You can understand how this flower gets its name by just looking at it. Life is great!

Spotters Hill

Aircraft spotters look for an ideal spot on a hill that gives them a good view of the aircraft when landing and taking off. Wasted effort in the case of our Spotters Hill variety. This pink variety’s flowers are so beautifully variegated that you can spend hours...

Sparkling Moments

Our discovery of Sparkling Moments has allowed us to add a new asset to our assortment. As opposed to most polka dot orchids, which produce large flowers, this is the small-flowered variant. We hope that it will be a truly Sparkling Moment for its buyers. We are...


Sesame is a plant in the Pedaliaceae family. This is probably one of the oldest crops in the world that is grown for its oil. The plant originally comes from Africa. In Africa, sesame seeds are often roasted and eaten just like peanuts. The plant’s roots are harvested...


The Netherlands has maintained good relations with Taiwan for more than 400 years. In fact, even the old Formosa was controlled by the Dutch for some years. The Taiwanese do not care much for intruders and, having ousted the Dutch, also expelled the Portuguese. It is...

Fata Morgana

An oasis that shimmers distantly in the desert and disappears as soon as you approach. When we discovered this variety in Asia, it felt just as unreal. We could not tear our eyes away. However this plant, with its magnificent blossom and distinctively colourful...


Freely interpreted, Phantom means “ghostly”. While this variety is hardly intended to scare people to death, the bloom’s colour and markings are captivating to say the least. Your windowsill is exactly the right place for these haunting plants!


A delicious bonbon! That was our first thought when we saw this plant with its friendly appearance. Some varieties impress you with their spectacular markings. The Marshmellow is memorable for its delicacy. With its blushing cheeks and modest size, it is a plant that...

Pirate Picotee

This variety’s most striking feature is the glorious edging on the bloom in a colour that is totally different from the base. Picotee is originally a French word that means stippled with dots.